February 2015

Share the Love

by cheryl on February 13, 2015

in Meditation

On this day before Valentine’s day, I am feeling inspired by the incredible evening I had last night at the JCC in Manhattan.  I was thrilled to attend an evening with Sharon Salzberg entitled, “How Meditation Changes the Lives of Inner City Youth.”  Sharon was joined by the three founders of the Holistic Life Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to nurturing the wellness of children and adults in underserved communities.  Andres Gonzalez, and brothers Atman and Ali Smith, the co-founders of the program, spoke about their journey to bring yoga, mindfulness and meditation to the inner city youth of Baltimore.  Many of these children live in a world of crime, drugs, poverty and violence.  These incredible men have changed the lives of so many young people by sharing their love, showing them respect and by teaching them tools to cultivate compassion, empathy and resilience.  So, on this day before Valentine’s Day, a holiday filled with flowers, chocolates and romance, I am deeply reminded of the incredible power of love — how it feels, how healing it can be and how important it is to share it freely with others.  Happy Valentine’s Day to all and may your day be filled with lots of love!!!


Come out of the cold and find some inner peace . . .


There are many mindfulness tools and practices we can use everyday to help us lower our levels of stress, stay focused and calm, and live with a greater sense of ease and happiness.    Join us as we learn these tools, practice each week and discuss how to put them into practice in modern life.

This course is designed for those looking to gain a deeper understanding of mindfulness practices, as well as those looking to meet with a group to practice together.   The class will consist of a discussion and guided meditations.

Join us for this new 4 week course in which we will learn and practice together!

Class Dates & Times:  Four week session begins Wednesday, February 25th.  Classes will meet on 2/25, 3/ 4, 3/11,  and 3/18 from 11 am to 12 pm.*


*A minimum number of participants is required to run the course.


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Weekly Wisdom #45

by cheryl on February 4, 2015

in Weekly Wisdom

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.”
– Carl Jung


I am thrilled to be a guest blogger again this year on Sharon Salzberg’s 2016 Real Hapiness Meditation Challenge.   During the month of February each year, thousands take the pledge to sit and meditate everyday. Now in it’s sixth year, this REAL HAPPINESS Meditation Challenge is an amazing community around the world exploring what meditation has to offer.  Jump in and join me and thousands of others around the world, each day in February as we find a warm and cozy spot to sit and find our inner peace.  You can read more about it by clicking here