August 2015

Working in our Community

Working in our Community

by cheryl on August 19, 2015

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Bring Mindfulness to your School, Business or Organization! 2bpresent’s Mindfulness Programs give people tools to lower stress, improve focus and attention and increase their overall wellbeing, so that they can thrive!  We can customize our classes and workshops to fit your needs.  Please contact us for more information.


Want to find some inner peace and lower your stress in this very hectic world?

Mindfulness meditation classes  are now forming for the Winter of 2016.  If you would like to organize a private group, please contact

Join me on a journey to finding real happiness as we explore mindfulness meditation techniques, and learn how to incorporate more self-awareness and calm into your everyday lives.  Mindfulness can help you lower your levels of stress, stay focused and calm, and live your life with a greater sense of ease and happiness. Both experienced meditators and beginners are welcome!

Classes consist of contemplation, discussion and group meditation practices each week.

For more on the Benefits of Mindfulness, click here.

About the Instructor . . .

Cheryl Brause is the Co-Founder of 2bpresent. She has practiced meditation and mindfulness for many years, and has worked in the field of teaching mindfulness meditation for the past five years to adults, teens and children. Cheryl has studied meditation, mindfulness and positive psychology with many leaders in the field.  She has completed her Level I and Level II Meditation Teacher Training from Om Yoga.  She is trained in Learning to BREATHE – a mindfulness curriculum for adolescents, the Mindful Schools Curriculum and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens.  She has also trained with Search Inside Yourself, Google’s  Leadership Training.  Cheryl combines her expertise in Mindfulness Meditation, with the latest discoveries in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology, as well as her passion for helping people lower their stress and increase their joy, to create a course that is hands-on, practical and gives individuals the tools they need to thrive.  Cheryl teaches Mindfulness at Work to corporations, organizations and business leaders, and teaches mindfulness and meditation privately to children, teens and adults in the New York area.

What people are saying about 2bpresent classes and workshops. . .

“Every now and then you come across a class or a person who helps you to be a better person. Cheryl offers just that. I am a better person because of all the things that I have learned- I am a better spouse, a better mother, a better friend, a better co-worker, and actually even more compassionate with myself. And what’s the best part? That I got all this by simply learning how to slow down and calm down. I will be forever grateful!

Taking the beginning meditation class is the single most important thing I have done for myself in the last decade. I can honestly say that my family and I are all happier because of my taking this one step to learn how to be calmer and more mindful.” – Psychologist, mother and participant in Real Happiness and Mindful Living

“Cheryl’s class taught me not only how to meditate, but how to incorporate mindfulness into everything that I do. Cheryl is extremely knowledgable about the practice of mindfulness and has a teaching style that is very easy to understand and accessible. It was a truly life changing experience. I can’t wait for my next class!” – MBA, mother, participant in Mindful Living

“I took Cheryl’s mindfulness class last spring and the effects have stayed with me. The tools and techniques she showed the class were fun and easy to use and the discussion really brought everything down to a real level that can be applied. Cheryl has a unique way of speaking about mindfulness that is very insightful and practical. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and would highly recommend it!” – Organizational Development Consultant, mother, participant in Mindful Living


Weekly Wisdom #47

by cheryl on August 17, 2015

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Life is so much brighter when we focus on what truly matters.