August 2016

Tips for Transitioning Back to School

Tips for Transitioning Back to School

by cheryl on August 30, 2016

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Say Hello to stress.  As the school season begins, many parents find themselves scrambling to get back to their fall routines.

Cheryl Brause, a mindfulness and meditation instructor, mom of three and owner of 2bpresent in Larchmont, offers the following tips to ease into your September .

  •  Organize! Much of our stress comes from worrying about not being prepared; take those thoughts out of your mind by getting ready early.
  •  Get some Z’s . Go to bed at the same time each night and take all electronics out of the bedroom. A regular routine that helps you unwind, relax your body and your mind is critical to your health and well-being, allowing you to get the rest you need.
  •  Unplug. Ever had a computer that’s on the fritz? Thinking there’s a major problem, you call a computer specialist and ask what to do. Rather than get a whole new computer, they tell you to unplug it and let it rest. Amazingly, this little reboot, resolves all your computer’s problems. Just like our computers, our brains need to rest and reboot. Enjoy simple pleasures like taking a walk, a bike ride or playing with a pet (without your phone in hand). Research shows that unplugging just a few minutes each day can help lower stress and increase you daily does of happiness.
  •  Stop negative thoughts. When you find yourself being self-critical, stop that negative thought train in its tracks by taking a nice deep breath. Repeat to yourself that you are good enough, you are perfect exactly as you are and you have the strength to conquer any challenges that lie ahead.
  •  Breathe. Nothing is healthier than learning to connect to your breath. When you’re feeling stressed about the upcoming school year, take a slow, deep inhale, feel the air in your body and clear your mind of any stressful thoughts by focusing your attention on how it feels to simply breathe. Remind yourself that you are here and you are fine.

This article appeared in the Mamaroneck Daily Voice, written by Jeanne Muchnick


Mindfulness @ Workmeditation_at_work image

Helping People and Companies Thrive!

2bpresent uses the latest research from the fields of Neuroscience and Psychology, combined with Mindful Awareness practices to teach people the skills they need to improve their overall health and wellbeing so they can thrive at work and in life.

2bpresent’s Mindfulness @ Work Program:

  • Lowers Levels of Stress
  • Enhances Performance and Productivity
  • Improves Job Satisfaction
  • Cultivates Outstanding Leadership Skills, Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Creates a Corporate Culture of Cooperation, Innovation & Resilience
  • Increases Happiness and Health of the Individual and the Organization

Mindfulness Training is the foundation of building Emotional Intelligence. The latest research shows that mindfulness training helps individuals increase their ability to manage stress, to improve focus, to manage difficult emotions and to resolve challenging situations.

As Kate Pickert wrote in the February 2014 Time magazine cover story, The Mindful Revolution, “most leaders…feel besieged by long work hours and near constant connectivity. For these people, there seems to be no time to zero in on what’s important or plan ahead.” Mindfulness training can help leaders slow down, focus, skillfully solve problems and make better decisions.

Mindfulness Benefits Individuals:

In our world of hyper-connectivity constantly pulling our attention and focus in many different directions, we need to learn to:

  • Slow down in order to concentrate on what is important;
  • Focus our attention and energy; and
  • Access our creativity and innovation to meet the demands of an ever-changing world.

In order to access our greatest potential to meet these demands, we must first learn to

  • Raise our self-awareness and understand our emotional responses;
  • Create a greater sense of clarity and calm; and
  • Connect to our  purpose and goal


Mindfulness Benefits Organizations: 

Mindfulness training helps


  • Employees and business leaders develop a greater sense of interconnectednesscooperation and compassion;
  • Companies create a positive corporate culture of cooperation, innovation and resilience; and
  • Improve the overall he
    alth of the organization and its individuals



2bpresent’s Mindfulness @ Work gives organizations the tools to build a more effective work environment with a greater sense of productivity, efficiency and the capacity for intelligent decision-making and skillful leadership.

About the Instructor:

SWG_1544_©Sandra_Wong_Geroux (1)Cheryl Vigder Brause has a degree in Economics from the University of Michigan. Upon graduation from college, Cheryl worked as an investment banking analysts for Goldman Sachs. She then earned her law degree from New York University School of Law. Cheryl worked as an attorney for several years in Manhattan practicing corporate litigation, white-collar crime and public interest law. She has had many roles in her life, but her most challenging and rewarding job yet — mother of three children.  The culmination of her life experiences in the corporate world and as a busy parent led her to explore a personal yoga and meditation practice. The life-changing effect of these practices and her desire to share the amazing teachings of leaders in the field of meditation and mindfulness, inspired her to co-create 2bpresent.  Cheryl has studied meditation and mindfulness under the guidance of many leaders in the field.  She is trained in Learning to BREATHE and Mindful Schools Curriculum Training.   She has completed her Level I and Level II Meditation Teacher Training from Om Yoga.   Cheryl has studied MBSR and Buddhist Psychology, as well as Neuroscience and Positive Psychology. She has also participated in Search Inside Yourself, Google’s Mindfulness-Based Leadership training. Cheryl is a motivational speaker, and teaches mindfulness and meditation privately to children, teens and adults, as well as to businesses and organizations.  She has created and taught programs in and around New York to train executives, teachers and students in stress reduction techniques and mindfulness tools to help them thrive.  It has been through her daily practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness that she recognized that it is the journey itself, and not the destination, that matters most.  She is thrilled to be taking this journey 2bpresent and sharing it with you.

What people are saying about 2bpresent Programs:

“Every now and then you come across a class or a person who helps you to be a better person. Cheryl offers just that. I am a better person because of all the things that I have learned- I am a better spouse, a better mother, a better friend, a better co-worker, and actually even more compassionate with myself. And what’s the best part? That I got all this by simply learning how to slow down and calm down. I will be forever grateful! Taking the beginning meditation class is the single most important thing I have done for myself in the last decade. I can honestly say that my family and I are all happier because of my taking this one step to learn how to be calmer and more mindful.” – Psychologist, participant in Real Happiness and Mindful Living

“Cheryl’s class taught me not only how to meditate, but how to incorporate mindfulness into everything that I do. Cheryl is extremely knowledgeable about the practice of mindfulness and has a teaching style that is very easy to understand and accessible. It was a truly life changing experience. I can’t wait for my next class!” – MBA, participant in Mindful Living

“I took Cheryl’s mindfulness class last spring and the effects have stayed with me. The tools and techniques she showed the classes were fun and easy to use and the discussion really brought everything down to a real level that can be applied. Cheryl has a unique way of speaking about mindfulness that is very insightful and practical. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and would highly recommend it!” – Organizational Development Consultant, participant in Mindful Living


Our Mindfulness @ Work Programs have run in such innovative corporations as MediaOcean.  Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.06.09 PM

Mindfulness @ Work Programs

6 Week Mindfulness @ Work Program:

This 6 Week Program consist of six, 45-minute lunchtime sessions. In each session, participants learn new Mindfulness tools each week and discuss the science behind how and why mindfulness practices decrease stress, increase clarity and focus and improve overall wellbeing.   2bpresent teaches tools to increase self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, and empathy, as well as tools to foster cooperation, compassion and creativity.   These classes include guided mindfulness meditation practices and exercises each week so that participants experience first hand the benefits of the practices.  They also will experience the added benefits of a lunchtime class that will help to reduce stress, relax the body and increase clarity, focus and wellbeing.

Mindfulness @ Work Executive Workshop:

A 2-hour workshop to kick start your program and introduce key Mindfulness concepts and practices. This hands-on training will help participants better understand the science behind mindfulness meditation, and give participants the opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness tools to help them lower stress, increase their focus and attention and improve their overall sense of wellbeing.

Custom Designed Programs  – Design Your Mindfulness @ Work Program:

We can work with your organization to custom design a Mindfulness Based Program to help your employees and your business thrive.

Please contact us at to learn how we can bring our programs to you.


We are thrilled to be teaching mindfulness in and around the New York Area.  Here are a few of the places where 2bpresent will be teaching mindfulness this fall.  To learn more about how 2bpresent can work with your school, business or organization contact


August 31, 2016 – Lakeland School District Mindfulness Training Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.57.51 PM– Cheryl will be leading a half-day mindfulness training for the Superintendents and Administrators of Lakeland School District  This interactive workshop will give educators an introduction to mindfulness, the science behind it and how mindfulness is being used in schools and in classrooms to help children and teachers strengthen intra and inter personal skills, foster better coping mechanisms and offer students life-long tools to promote their health and wellness.  We will also discuss disticit-wide initiatives and programming for developing mindful programs district-wide.



Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 3.49.02 PMSeptember 2, 2016 – Rye Neck High School Mindfulness Teacher Training.   Cheryl is pleased to be working with teachers, parents, students and administrators at Rye Neck Schools to develop a ditrict-wide initiative to bring mindfulness to the Rye Neck Schools.  We begin this year with a in-depth teacher training before the start of the school year.  Cheryl is thrilled to be working with dedicated teachers, staff, parents and students throughout the school year to bring mindfulness programs and initiatives that will help promote healthy habits of the mind, which include lowering stress and anxiety, sharpening focus and attention, and improving overall health and wellbeing.  

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 10.41.46 AM


October 27, 2016 – University of Pennsylvania Law School – Cheryl is excited to be teaching a class at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law with Family Mediation, LLP entitled Mindfulness and Mediation.  In all situations, but particularly helpful when working in conflict resolution, we can learn to become more aware of our own inner experiences and learn how to use our inner world to benefit our clients and create a more constructive process.  In this interactive class for law students, we will learn and experience tools of self-awareness and self-reflection, which can help us pay attention to our own emotions, thoughts and judgments.  Skillfully working with both our internal and external worlds, we can learn to best navigate each situation, be fully present with our clients and help parties determine their best course of action.


Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 10.47.02 AM


Keep Calm & Carry On at Mamaroneck High School.  Cheryl is looking forward to continuing her work this year conducting workshops and grade-wide assemblies for high school students in the 2016-2017 school year.  As teens are facing greater demands on their time and attention than ever before, they have very little time to take a much-needed “brain break” during their busy week and simply breathe.  Cheryl is thrilled to be back at MHS leading classes and workshops to teach mindfulness tools to help teens lower their levels of stress, increase their focus and attention, and improve their overall health and wellbeing so they can thrive.



To learn more about 2bpresent’s programs, click HERE or contact us at


woman meditation imageHave you heard about Meditation and Mindfulness?  

Want to learn more about it?

Learn how to focus your attention, access a sense of calm and balance, lower your level of stress, improve your health, and harness your true inner strength and resilience . . . here’s how


Join 2bpresent this fall to learn about the incredible benefits of establishing your own personal meditation practice.  This fall 2bpresent is offering new courses and workshops for beginning and experienced meditators.  To learn more and to register, click on the links below.

What students are saying about our classes and workshops . . .

SWG_1544_©Sandra_Wong_Geroux (1)“This was a fantastic course. (On a scale of 1 – 5 ) I would rate it a 6. Everybody in the class
seem to have a great time – Cheryl was knowledgeable and generous. I would highly recommend this to any of my friends and would take future courses offered by Cheryl!”  – student, Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation

“Just a quick note to thank you so much for being such a wonderful instructor.  I am enjoying your class so much, and I really love practicing being mindful.  I am trying hard to be present in every moment, and am filled with gratitude that I signed up for the class.  It’s been great, and I’m looking forward to what comes next!” – Rosemary, Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation course, 4/12/16

“Your classes are helping refocus my mind from the chronic pain and anger I have been carrying for over 7 yrs . It will be a long process to let go but I know I need to. I took your advice and walked ‘the loop’ around the water today with my dog.   There are hundreds of daffodils in bloom that some generous soul planted years ago, I saw a sweet rabbit and listened to the birds.  So enjoyable.   Many thanks.” – Barbara, Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation course, 4/07/16


New Fall Classes

Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness can help you lower your levels of stress, stay focused and calm, and live your life with a greater sense of ease and happiness.  This course integrates research-based material from the fields of Neuroscience, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and Positive Psychology, as well as Eastern Philosophy and Practices, to introduce individuals to the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation. These benefits include decreased stress and the physical symptoms of stress on the body, Increased focus and concentration, and improved sleep.   Each week, we will learn and practice formal and informal mindfulness practices that will help quiet the mind, bring increased focus to our daily activities, cultivate greater happiness and improve overall health and wellbeing.   Friday mornings, 9:30 am to 10:30 am, from 10/07/16 to 11/18/16.

For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.


New Fall Workshops

What is Mindfulness & Meditation?  

man-meditatingMindfulness & Meditation.  These words are everywhere, but what do they actually mean? How can we use mindfulness meditation to lower stress, sharpen our focus and attention, and cultivate greater happiness?  Join Cheryl Vigder Brause, Executive Director of 2bpresent, to learn more about mindfulness and meditation in this interactive workshop in which we will explore the growing body of scientific evidence from the fields of mindfulness, neuroscience and positive psychology and learn practical mindfulness tools to help us relax, have greater focus and find your inner quiet, calm and strength.  Tuesday, October 27, 2016, 7 pm.  For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.


Unleashing the Power of Creativity Through Meditation 

Learn how to use meditation to access a free flow of thoughts and tap in to your greatest creativity.  Join Cheryl Vigder Brause, Executive Director of 2bpresent, to learn more about mindfulness and meditation in this interactive workshop in which we will explore meditation practices to help you problem-solve, find creative solutions and access new and innovative ideas.  Tuesday, October 18, 2016, 7 pm.   For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.


Stressed Out? Learn Ways to Lower Your Stress and Find Calm and Clarity for a More Productive and Healthy life. meditation_at_work image

The long-term health affects of chronic stress on your body are severe. Learn why our bodies react the way they do and how you
can change your thoughts and behavior through mindfulness meditation practices to lower your levels of stress at work and at home, find greater calm and a healthier lifestyle. 
Join Cheryl Vigder Brause, Executive Director of 2bpresent, in this interactive workshop in which we will explore the growing body of scientific evidence from the fields of mindfulness, neuroscience and positive psychology and learn practical tools on how to use mindfulness to help us relax and navigate the stresses of our busy lives.  Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 7 pm.   For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.