New Classes Coming Soon to Westchester & New York City

New Classes Coming Soon to Westchester & New York City

by cheryl on June 26, 2017

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New classes this fall at 2bp . . .


What is Mindfulness & Meditation?

These words are everywhere, but what do they actually mean? How can you use Mindfulness & Meditation to lower stress, sharpen your focus and attention, and cultivate greater happiness?  Join me for this fall to learn more about how Mindfulness & Meditation can improve your overall health & wellbeing.


Mindfulness & Meditation Fundamentals

In this 6-week series, we will learn and practice formal and informal mindfulness meditation practices that will help quiet the mind, bring increased focus to your daily activities, cultivate greater happiness and improve overall health and wellbeing.

Unleashing the Power of Creativity Through Meditation

Learn how to use meditation to access a free flow of thoughts and tap into your greatest creativity.  Join me to learn more about mindfulness and meditation in this interactive workshop in which we will explore ways mindfulness practices can help you solve problems, find creative solutions and access new and innovative ideas.

Lower Stress and Find Calm  – Adult, Teen and Children’s Classes

Stressed Out? Learn Ways to Lower Your Stress and Find Calm and Clarity for a More Productive and Healthy life.

be present. be happy. be you.


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