About 2bpresent

2bpresent was a collaboration between 2mindfulmoms (Cheryl Vigder Brause and Joanna Wolff).   Our goal is to inspire, motivate and encourage present moment awareness into daily life through meditation, mantra and mindfulness.   2bpresent organizes events and runs classes and workshops in the community for adults, teens and children to teach mindfulness skills.   We also run programs for organizations and businesses, as well as schools, throughout the area to teach mindfulness tools and practices that increase people’s overall wellbeing.  Mindfulness skills help individuals to lower stress, increase emotional regulation, strengthen their ability to focus and concentrate, and create a sense of balance and ease in daily life.  Our goal is to help people live a more stress-free, joy-filled life in which they can thrive.

Cheryl Brause and Joanna Wolff are 2mindfulmoms and Co-Founders of 2bpresent. 2bpresent was born during a kayak, a bike ride, a walk, a weekend away together….It just happened naturally the way that special moments evolve in life.

About Cheryl

SWG_1544_©Sandra_Wong_Geroux (1)Cheryl Vigder Brause has a degree in Economics from the University of Michigan and a law degree from New York University School of Law.  She has had many roles in her life (corporate litigator, investment banker, among them), but her most challenging and most rewarding job yet — mother of three children.  The culmination of her life experiences in the corporate world and as a busy parent led her to explore a personal yoga and meditation practice. The life-changing effect of these practices and her desire to share the amazing teachings of leaders in the field of meditation and mindfulness inspired her to co-create 2bpresent.  Cheryl has studied meditation and mindfulness under the guidance of many leaders in the field.  She is trained in Learning to BREATHEMindful Schools, MBSR for Teens, and is certified to teach the Stressed Teens (MBSR-T) Program.   She has completed her Level I and Level II Meditation Teacher Training from Om Yoga.   Cheryl has studied MBSR and Buddhist Psychology, as well as Neuroscience and Positive Psychology.  She has also trained in Search Inside Yourself, Google’s Mindfulness-Based Leadership training.   Cheryl teaches mindfulness and meditation privately to children, teens and adults, as well as for businesses and organizations.  She has also created and taught programs in and around New York to train executives, teachers and students in stress reduction techniques and mindfulness tools to help them thrive.  It has been through her daily practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness that she has recognized that it is the journey itself, and not the destination, that matters most.  She is thrilled to be taking this journey 2bpresent and sharing it with you.


About Joanna

Joanna has spent years trying to get out of her own way and leave the corporate world….As a daughter, sister, wife, chef, organic gardner, investment banker, financial executive, travel enthusiast and yes a mother of 2 wonderful young children and 2 fabulous dogs. Joanna was born and raised in New York a graduate of St. Lawrence University with a degree in Economics. After many different careers and companies Joanna life changed with a medical diagnosis which made the future path abundantly clearer. Yoga, holistic living, organic gardening led the way to the world of meditation, mantra and mindfulness. Joanna has studied yoga with many amazing instructors and studied meditation under the guidance of such wonderful teachers as Janaki Pierson, Alan Finger, Bhavani Lorraine Nelson, Sharon Salzberg and Thich Nhat Hanh.  She is trained in Learning to BREATHE  – a mindfulness  curriculum for adolescents.  Through these experiences Joanna has developed a daily practice which is part of the journey 2bpresent.