We all need more peace & quiet in our lives – less stress and more precious moments
to be present and enjoy where we are and who we are with. The good news - you don't have to radically change
your life to find greater balance, better health and more moments of clarity, calm and happiness. 

2bpresent is my journey to a more peaceful, joy-filled, healthier life
through the powerful practice of Mindfulness. 

Mindfulness works. It can change your life - it changed mine.
My goal is to share with you ways to be truly present and awake for your life.

I hope you will join me on this journey! You deserve it, your family deserves it and the
world deserves to have the real you (the calm, peaceful, joyful one) truly present in it!

Join me in November for all new Meditation Classes in Westchester . . .


Introducing Pause Westchester!

If you have always wanted to learn to meditate or want to deepen your practice, now is the time to start!

Join me in November at our brand new, beautiful meditation studio to learn ways to slow down, relax, unwind and find more peace and calm everyday.

Daytime and Evening Meditation classes this fall.

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Live Online classes . . .

Journey LIVE

I am BACK!!!

I will be back all week @ 9 pm EST on Journey


Join me this November for a Meditation Series in Westchester. See new classes below.

In many ways, the quality of your mind determines the quality of your life.
- Sam Harris

My latest blogs . . .


The Best Mindful Parenting Tips To Help Your Child (and You) Make An Easy Transition Back to School

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Mindfulness, Meditation & Parenting: 5 Mindful Mantras for Moms & Dads

Read my Five Favorite Mindful Parenting Mantras to help you be a more calm and joyful parent, featured in


What if I am OK Just As I Am?

We so often have the mental habit of focusing on what is wrong. But what if we learn to flip the script? What if nothing is wrong? What a relief to know that whatever we are thinking, experiencing, doing or not doing, feeling or not feeling is NOT wrong. Instead, what if this is just what we are experiencing right now, not who we are, and we are OK just as we are right now? How would that feel . . .

Meditate with Me Online . . .

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Journey LIVE

Come meditate with me LIVE online!

I am excited to announce that I am now a Founding Meditation teacher on Journey LIVE, the first meditation app with live guided meditations, an interactive platform and community support, available now on the Apple App Store

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Simple Habit

I am thrilled to be a featured meditation teacher on Simple Habit, winner of 2018 Google Play Award for Best Well-Being App.

Just for my readers . . . Enjoy a free two-week Premium Membership to Simple Habit

A 14-day free trial of our premium membership

Just sign-up for Simple Habit. Then, go to and input the code: MEDITATETWOWEEKS

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Insight Timer

am also excited to announce that I am now on Insight Timer and adding free guided meditations to the Insight Timer collection. Please check out my free meditations. More are coming soon, as well as new Online Courses.

Cheryl Vigder Brause, Mindfulness Instructor

My path to being a certified mindfulness instructor has been quite a journey!  Once a corporate litigator and investment banker, I now write, speak and teach about the practice of mindfulness meditation and how you can use a few simple tools each day to create a more peaceful, joy-filled, healthier life. I created 2bpresent to share with others the true gift of learning how to slow down and connect inward to your inner strengths, stillness and unlimited potential.  As the Co-Founder and Executive Director of 2bpresent, I am dedicated to helping people find calm, happiness and wellbeing in their very busy lives. I work with private clients and lead workshops in schools, businesses, retreat centers and conferences. I teach stress-reduction, self-compassion and resiliency techniques to professionals, including educators, attorneys and executives, as well as parents, college students, adolescents, and children and have lead workshops, spoken at conferences, consulted on panels and presented a variety of mindfulness sessions to many local, statewide and national audiences. 


2bpresent uses the latest research in Neuroscience and Psychology, combined with Mindful Awareness Practices to teach evidence-based, practical and accessible tools and techniques to help you lower your stress, increase your focus and find your happiness — no matter who you are and where you are.

Mindfulness and Meditation, New York

Join me for my Upcoming Classes & Workshops!

Upcoming Meditation Classes

Come Pause With Us

Meditation offers incredible benefits for your mental and physical health and wellbeing. I am thrilled to announce the opening of Pause Meditation, Westchester’s Premier Meditation Studio Join me and other expert teachers at our beautiful new studio to explore ways to pause, relax and recharge your body and mind. New classes starting in November.

Journey LIVE

Check out the world’s first LIVE Group Meditation
I am super excited to be a part of this amazing group and the world’s first LIVE group meditation! Meditation is better together - especially with this crew! Join me and these amazing meditation teachers live everyday, all day long. Get the app on the Apple App Store and for a limited time free access with the code:CHERYL #comesitwithus

The Really Big Picture

The Path to Greater Happiness
Many people learn to meditate to find tools to lower stress, focus attention, enhance performance and improve sleep. You can stop there and enjoy the health benefits of practicing meditation, and many people do. But, if you are interested in exploring and deepening your practice, you will find a deeply meaningful path that can help you feel greater peace and happiness.


Learn to Lower Your Stress, Increase Your Focus and Find Your Happiness.

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Mindfulness for Business

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