Cheryl has worked with Corporations and School Districts, and is frequently a featured speaker as an expert on how to bring mindfulness into our everyday lives.  

Her work has been featured in many publications, most recently in Mindful Magazine, and she is a contributor and guest blogger for news outlets and magazines.  She often writes and speaks on mindfulness, stress reduction, mindful parenting, work-life balance and building inner-resilience to thrive in a demanding world.




Contact Cheryl to learn more or 917.626.0150.

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Mindfulness in Education

Cheryl was recently featured in Mindful Magazine's Special Edition, "The Future of Education: Mindful Classrooms" where her work teaching mindfulness to children is highlighted.

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                                              lifestyle magazine

2bpresent is featured in Serendipity Magazine, Meditation 101:Tips, Apps, Retreats and More You Need to Get Started

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2bpresent and Mindfulness Meditation featured in Westchester Magazine's annual special section on: What to learn in the New Year for better Health & Happiness? Mindfulness

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LoHud, Journal News features 2bpresent as a leader in the field of Meditation, 
Meditation Has Become As Routine as a Trip to the Gym