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Cheryl is an engaging and dynamic speaker offering her deeply-rooted expertise in teaching mindfulness and how to live your life fully in a busy and demanding world.  Cheryl combines her real-world experience on Wall Street as an investment banker, as a corporate litigator in New York City, and as a busy mother of three, to teach how we can integrate mindfulness into our busy lives to live an awakened, calm and joy-filled life.  Her decade-long experience teaching mindfulness, her deep personal mindfulness practice and her warmth help her to provide engaging, dynamic and interactive presentations and trainings.  

She is available to speak at businesses, schools, conferences and retreats.

Contact Cheryl to learn more or 917.626.0150.

Popular Speaking Topics include:

  • Mindful Living: How to Lead a Stress-Free, Joy-Filled Life
  • Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Be Your Best Self: How to Manage the Demands of A Busy Life
  • In the Present Moment:  How to Increase Focus, Live More Fully and Thrive!
  • Mindful Parenting: Meeting the Demands of Parenting and Our Busy Lives To Connect with Your Child
  • Keep Calm & Carry On - Mindfulness for Teens
  • Mindfulness for Healthy Living: Improve Sleep, Lower Stress & Optimize Your Health & Wellness
  • Mindful Eating - Exploring Your Relationship with Food to Create a Healthier You
Cheryl Vigder Brause, Mindfulness Teacher

Corporate Presentations & Trainings

MediaOcean, a leading software and technology company, offered its staff a six-week training in Mindfulness at Work.  Weekly workshops were given at lunchtime to employees in New York City, and live-streamed to MediaOcean offices around the world.   

Topics included:

  • Finding Your Calm & Focus

  • Stress Reduction for a More Productive & Healthy Life

  • Strategies to Deal with the Demands on Your Time & Attention

  • Communication, Community & Leadership

  • Unleashing the Power of Creativity

  • Mindfulness Tools for Everyday Living to Unleash the Best You

High School Assemblies

Mamaroneck High School kicked off the 2016-2017 school year with school-wide assemblies by Cheryl for all high school students.  Over 1500 students participated in this interactive workshop which introduced them to important skills and tools to help them manage and thrive in their busy, demanding and often stressful lives as high school students.  

Mindfulness for Teens

Mindfulness for Teachers

Conferences & Retreats

Lakeland School District - Cheryl lead a half-day mindfulness training for the Superintendents and Administrators of Lakeland School District. This is in conjunction with her work training their teachers and staff.  This interactive workshop gives educators an introduction to mindfulness, the science behind mindfulness and how mindfulness is being used in schools and in classrooms across the world to help students and teachers strengthen intra- and inter-personal skills, foster better coping mechanisms and give students life-long tools to promote their health and wellness.  Cheryl also helps develop initiatives and mindfulness programs for district-wide implementation.


Every now and then you come across a class or a person who helps you to be a better person.  Cheryl offers just that.  I am a better person because of all the things that I have learned - I am a better spouse, a better mother, a better friend, a better co-worker, and actually even more compassionate with myself.  And what’s the best part?  That I got all this by simply learning how to slow down and calm down.  I will be forever grateful! Taking the beginning meditation class is the single most important thing I have done for myself in the last decade.  I can honestly say that my family and I are all happier because of my taking this one step to learn how to be calmer and more mindful. 

— Katie S., Ph.D., Psychologist

Cheryl presented multiple workshops at our company and was incredibly professional, engaging and warm.  She is truly a leader in teaching mindfulness and made everything clear and accessible. Within the first week, I was implementing her mindfulness strategies into my life at work and at home.  Cheryl uses her real life experience as a mother and working professional to really relate to the everyday struggles of balancing work and home life.  I already feel less stress, less distracted and can find a bit of happiness in ordinary things everyday. Thank you!

- Michael H.,  New York City, Mindfulness at Work participant

Cheryl did an outstanding job with our staff and students.  It was a pleasure to work with Cheryl.  She exhibits all of the qualities of a caring, true professional.  She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge with students, faculty and parents . . .  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to expose our young leaners to a skill that will support them throughout life as they face the challenges of the future.

— Jane S., Principal, Daniel Warren Elementary School


“Cheryl came to talk to our district about mindfulness and the event was an incredible success. Her presentation was engaging, informative and extremely relatable.  And, it included something for everyone — parents, students, and even teachers. Cheryl introduced the benefits of mindfulness, provided supportive research, and shared easy, implementable ways to incorporate mindfulness into our lives and our classrooms.  If you’re looking to bring information about mindfulness to your school or community, Cheryl is a terrific choice.

— Colleen M., PTSA President, Rye Brook Schools 

The 2bpresent’s mindfulness workshop for teens was very effective in helping my teenage son learn techniques he could use when feeling anxious. These tangible tools have enabled him to keep his mind and body calm in stressful situations, allowing him to get through them successfully where he would previously get stuck. My son was skeptical going into the class, but Cheryl relates well to teenagers - he enjoyed the class, and came back for more.  

— Lisa F., Mother of Teens Participating in Teen Mindfulness Programs

It made me realize that I wasn’t the only one that was stressed and anxious.  I felt safe and comfortable sharing and learning in a friendly environment. 

— Sam age 14, Keep Calm & Carry On - Mindfulness for Teens