Our children are facing greater demands on their time and attention than ever before. It is critical that we not only teach them reading, writing and mathematics, but we also need to teach them critical social and emotional skills to meet the demands of their ever-changing world so that they not only cope, but thrive.

 We want our children to not only succeed academically, but we want them to be resilient, strong, compassionate, healthy and happy adults. Mindfulness in schools is a critical part of their social and emotional learning that will boost their ability to succeed in school, give them tools to manage the stresses of life, build their inner resilience, teach them how to communicate effectively with others, and help them to connect inward to their passions and to what makes them happy.  

Teachers, Administrators and Parents are also feeling more stress than ever before.  At 2bpresent, we bring Mindfulness to the Whole School with Workshops and Mindfulness Training for students, teachers, parents and administrators. 

2bpresent uses the latest research in Neuroscience and Psychology, combined with Mindful Awareness Practices to work with Students, Teachers and Parents to create a school environment in which everyone can thrive. 


Teacher Benefits

  • Improves Happiness, Health & Job Satisfaction
    Learn ways to reconnect to your passion for teaching, your motivation to teach, and boost your job satisfaction.

  • Improves Happiness, Health & Job Satisfaction
    Learn ways to reconnect to your passion for teaching, your motivation to teach, and boost your job satisfaction.

  • Decreases Levels of Stress 
    Learn important tools and strategies to manage the stress of a highly demanding job so that you can be more present, focused and calm in the classroom.

  • Enhances Focus, Performance and Productivity 
    Teachers who are trained in mindfulness find classroom time more productive, feel more emotionally positive and experience greater connection and sensitivity to their students’ needs.

  • Cultivates Outstanding Leadership Skills 
    Mindfulness training helps teachers improve classroom management, facilitates cooperation and collaboration among coworkers, and creates a school environment of resilience, kindness and compassionate leadership.  
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Student Benefits

  • Increases Well-being 
    Mindfulness helps students learn self-awareness skills that lead to improved emotional regulation, less reactivity, greater resilience to adversity and improved mood and behavior, all contributing to their overall ability to thrive.

  • Decreases Stress 
    Mindfulness helps students reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and reduces the corresponding negative effects that stress has on their overall physical and emotional health.

  • Improves Attention, Focus and Academic Performance 
    Teaching students mindfulness helps them gain greater control of their own attention, focus and concentration, and has been shown to improve productivity and academic performance.

  • Increases Empathy, Compassion and Optimism 
    Students engaged in mindfulness programs demonstrate greater self-compassion, learn to cultivate empathy, compassion and kindness for others, and learn to cultivate positive mental states such as gratitude, optimism and open-mindedness.
    See more research on Mindfulness Training >


What We Offer Schools

Mindful Schools

Educational Consulting

We have over a decade of experience teaching Mindfulness to Children, Teens and Adults.  We have trained in the most recent, evidence-based curricula and developed programs to bring mindfulness into many school districts.  We can bring that experience and expertise to your school district to help design district-wide mindfulness programs and implementation strategies.


In-Service Mindfulness Programs

Mindfulness instructors visit classrooms each week to teach a mindfulness curriculum. Each classroom visit is 15 minutes and covers different topics each week. Teachers work with our instructors to develop their own personal mindfulness practice and a strong understanding of mindfulness in education.  Teachers also observe the in-class lessons and learn how to continue the lessons on their own between classroom visits. This provides hands-on mindfulness instruction for the students and teacher training for the classroom teachers.    

Programs Include

  • lessons in each classroom delivered weekly

  • 3 teacher/staff trainings, 30-minutes each

  • supporting manual for classroom teachers

  • student workbook and mindfulness practices to try at home

  • mindfulness teacher support throughout program

  • parent information session and continued support on practicing mindfulness at home

Mindfulness Teens

Mindfulness Workshops for Middle and High School

In this science-based, interactive mindfulness workshop for teens, we explore how students can use mindfulness to lower stress, increase focus and attention and cultivate healthy habits of the mind.

Program Includes

  • 6 week curriculum taught in a 45 minute weekly session

  • An understanding of what mindfulness is and how it benefits teens

  • A variety of hands-on tools and practices taught each week that teens can use in their everyday lives

  • Gives teens time during their busy week to decompress and de-stress, in which they learn more about themselves and how to regulate their emotions and to connect to other teens

Mindfulness High School

Under Pressure – An Introduction to Mindfulness for High School Students

In this 45 minute assembly, 2bpresent introduces students to the benefits of mindfulness and how mindfulness practices can help them navigate the challenges of adolescence through a short film and interactive presentation.  This fun, interactive and informative presentation is a great introduction for students to lifelong tools that can help them not only cope, but thrive.  

Program Includes

  • Short film on mindfulness and its impact on the stresses of being a teenager, with short interviews with well known athletes, artists and scientists about how they use mindfulness in their lives to help them succeed.

  • What is mindfulness?

  • What are the benefits of mindfulness? (lowering stress, increasing focus and attention and improving overall health and wellness)

  • Brief overview of the brain science behind mindfulness practices

  • Interactive Mindfulness Practice

  • Great kick-off to a school year that will include other mindfulness opportunities throughout the year for students and faculty to learn and practice mindfulness

Mindfulness Teacher Traiing

Teacher Training

This intensive training gives teachers the opportunity to dive deeper into their personal practice, which will give them the tools to integrate mindfulness into their classrooms, while fostering an in-district leadership group and mindfulness community. This training focuses both on the overall wellness of the teachers and how to begin introducing mindfulness practices in their classrooms. Each session includes stress reduction techniques and gives teachers the time and opportunity to connect to their passions and motivations for being in the classroom. Teachers will learn from the latest research in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, positive psychology, social and emotional learning, and mindfulness. Teachers gain an understanding of and learn tools to begin teaching mindfulness through the experience of being taught mindfulness.  Each week we also focus on various ways to implement mindfulness into the classroom curriculum.  This program includes a Classroom Manual for Teaching Mindfulness, and ongoing teacher training and support.

Mindfulness Education
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Design Your Mindfulness at School Program

We can work with your organization to custom design a Mindfulness-Based Program to help your teachers and students thrive.


Mindful Parenting

Parents often ask how they can help their children reduce their stress levels, gain greater emotional regulation and establish a sense of focus and calm. The best way for parents to help their children is to model that behavior in themselves.  The Mindful Parenting Workshop is designed to help parents do just that. 

The goal of this workshop is to learn mindfulness tools to help parents bring calm, clarity, wisdom and joy into parenting. It is also critical in supporting the social and emotional learning being done in schools, and helps parents better understand and practice mindfulness at home with their children. 

Benefits of Mindful Parenting:

  • Understanding our own stress response and how we can react more skilfully
  • Increasing calm and stability in ourselves and our children
  • Fostering a greater connection between parent and child
  • Increasing attention, focus and concentration
  • Enriched appreciation of the ordinary moments of life
  • Learning to listen with kindness to ourselves and to our children to foster communication with our children

What People Are Saying . . .

My students now have strategies to cope with stress and an awesome awareness of the ways stress impacts their mind and body.                                      

– Andrea O., Classroom teacher Mamaroneck Public Schools

Selected Clients

  • MediaOcean

  • University of Pennsylvania Law School

  • Pace University School of Law

  • Family and Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York

  • Mediation Works

  • Larchmont Mamaroneck Community Counseling Center

  • Larchmont Mamaroneck Center for Continuing Education

  • Rye Youth Council

  • Special Education Parent Teacher Association - MUFSD

  • Future Business Leaders of America

  • Lakeland Central School District

  • Mamaroneck Union Free School District

  • Rye Neck School District

  • Hastings-On-Hudson Union Free School District

  • Ardsley High School

  • Harrison Central School District