Diving Deeper Course Daytime Session: The Power of Living Mindfully


Diving Deeper Course Daytime Session: The Power of Living Mindfully


Meditation helps us quiet our busy minds so that we can connect inward to a profound stillness where our insight and wisdom lie.

Join me and our growing community of meditators for a powerful new meditation course in Diving Deeper Into Stillness.

Each week, we will practice meditation and mindfulness together and explore various meditation techniques designed to help you dive deeper into stillness. We will discuss the teachings of many great meditation teachers, from the ancient sages to modern practitioners, exploring what it means to live mindfully, fully, compassionately and authentically.  We will work both on grounding into stillness, as well as discovering what may be getting in our way of finding our stillness and peace. We will explore the powerful practice of self-inquiry which can help us get “unstuck” from mental patterns that are not serving us.

This course is designed for those who have already been introduced to the basic practice of mindfulness meditation. This is a wonderful opportunity if you feel “stuck” in your meditation practice and want to learn ways to deepen your practice. It is also a wonderful opportunity to practice in a group each week, which is quite helpful in establishing a regular meditation practice.

Wednesday Afternoons:  1 pm - 2 pm, from January 9th - February 16th.

Location: 2bpresent, 132 Larchmont Avenue, Suite 9, Larchmont, New York

Cost: $240

Space is limited, so please register early.

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