2mindfulmoms to attend Spencer West Event on March 13th-JOIN US

The 2mindfulmoms hope that you can join us at a very special event that is taking place in our community on Tuesday, March 13th.  All of the PTA's in the Mamaroneck Union Free School District have worked together to bring a inspirational, motivational speaker named Spencer West to our community.
Spencer encourages youth to overcome their daily challenges, believe in themselves as active change-makers, and find personal strength to fight for the issues they are passionate about. His words have encouraged millions of young people to become more socially involved in their communities and the world.
While the event is an extension of the Building Bridges program, it is an evening not to be missed for the entire community.

Please join us for a unique family experience (BRING YOUR KIDS) and See What Students are Learning in the Mamaroneck Schools

"Overcoming Challenges in Life"

Featuring Special Guest and Motivational Speaker: Spencer West Intro by Dr. Shaps and an MHS student

Tuesday, March 13th

7:00-8:30 pm

Hommocks Auditorium

130 Hommocks Road Larchmont, NY


Bring your kids grade 3 and up.

Spencer Will talk candidly about the struggles he overcame in life after losing his legs.  He speaks about overcoming bullying and stereotypes and about overcoming personal obstacles

Here is a link to Spencer's Website.  http://www.metowe.com/speakers/spencer-west/  where people talk about Spencer's talk inspired them.