Top 10 Reasons to Meditate


In the latest edition of Mindful Magazine, they list the top 10 reasons to meditate.  'The benefits of a meditation practice are no secret. The practice is often touted as a habit of highly successful (and happy) people, recommended as a means of coping with stress and anxiety, and praised as the next-big-thing in mainstream wellness. And it’s not just anecdotal. Thousands of studies have shown the positive impact that meditating has on our health and well-being."  Mindful culled through the list and here are the highlights along with the research to back them up.   To read the full article and link to the research, click HERE.  

Sleep Better: More Shut-Eye at Night Means Brighter Days


Stress Less: Make Room for More Happiness


More Mindful Meals: No More Stress Eating

Beat Anxiety: Send Worries Packing


Smile More: A Happy Pill, with No Side Effects

Enhance Your Love Life: Your Relationship Will Thank You

Lead a Successful Life: A Clear Path to Achieving Your Goals