In Pursuit of Silence


Have you ever noticed how noisy life can be?  Movie theaters play films so loudly it produces heart pounding reactions, literally.  We walk outside with headphones playing music or conversation in our ears,  our car radios create a constant hum of background noise for each drive, and our televisions, computers, text messages and phones beep and chime creating piercing reminders of all that we have to do.   Even when we manage to escape to a quiet place, the noise inside our head -- spinning thoughts, to do lists, nagging fears, and a vast array of emotions -- is often just as loud as the noise in the world around us.  We try to quiet that noise, but it is challenging.   Instead, we distract ourselves with other sounds in attempt to find some peace and "quiet." Silence can be magical.  Learning to sit in silence can open the door to creativity, wonder and a deep sense of peace.  Sitting in silence allows us to  connect to our inner wisdom, strength and resilience.   Once we recognize and access these incredible resources, we can call upon them when needed.   Welcoming in silence, is the real challenge in our very noisy world.

We recently learned of director Patrick Shen, an award winning documentary film maker, and his new film,  IN PURSUIT OF SILENCE.  In this new documentary, Patrick is exploring our relationship with sound and the implications of living in a noisy world.  I recently had the opportunity to speak with the associate producer of the film about the extraordinary exploration of silence in this fascinating new film.   2bpresent is excited to be partnering with the creative team to contribute to the completion of this important film.    You can view the trailer below and support the film and their kick start campaign at

(For more information on this film, here is the link to the Huffington Post article: