The Smallest of Gestures


It always amazes me how the smallest of gestures can come to mean so much.  It is those moments that I pull myself back to when my day spins out of control.  As a busy parent, sometimes we are caught running between so many things and those small gestures or moments between things can be as anchoring as the breath.  Today, after giving a group of kids a lift somewhere on a very cold day, my daughter turned back to me after she had already left the car and looked me in the eyes and simply said "Thanks so much."  It was three short words, but the eye contact and the fact that she turned away from her group of friends and turned towards me meant the world to me.  Since I have been working on being more mindful and present, this moment energized me with the beauty that it contained.  How many moments do we miss because we are not mindful and present?  Take notice of the small gestures and moments with your kids and see if you can use them to anchor you when you feel your day or your energy spinning away from you.